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I have to say that you ran a great show and I had a wonderful time. Over the years I have not taken the training seriously but now I have now come back home with a new motivation to get my skiing back. Looking forward testing my my new non-rotation style and working on the endless things I need to do to become a better skier. Your camp has given me a new outlook and I wanted to thank you for your help.

Ken Comerford - Alta/Bird 2013

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to thank you for a wonderful ski camp this past weekend. Chris and I had a stellar time, and we learned a lot. I didn't realize the concept of skiing could be so simply put. The group was great; Carlo, Brant, and Ben were great. It was actually very inspiring to get to hear all your expertise and perspectives on skiing. Thank you again for a very awesome experience. We had an absolutely great time. Hopefully, the times line up next year, so we can be back.

Wade Wong - Alta/Bird 2013

It was truly an awesome time. All coaches - Eric, Dan, Smiley, most of all Gordy the fearless leader - were remarkable hosts, guides and teachers. What an incredible treat to ski with and learn from them. Saturday conditions were indeed terrific. Thanks to them, and thanks to the rest of the crew. Good eggs all.

Oftpiste - Whistler 2007

First things first-Thanks Gordy for putting this camp together. The coaching was top notch, condo was super fly, and the conditions on the hill were perfect. For me this was a vacation as much of a learning experience. Truly was the most fun I've had in years. I cannot say enough about the quality of people. I'll be back next year!

Fieldy's Nuts - Whistler 2007

What a weekend. After skiing around Snowbird and Alta with Rick Greener, Gordy, Chris Collins, and Brant Moles for three days, I am worked, both physically and mentally. We spent Friday and Saturday being coached by Moles, Peifer, and Greener. Sunday we skied with Collins. Lots of really detailed, clear, articulate information about how each of us could improve our skiing. Also lots of great information about the mountain and resort: the best lines on the traverses, information about the conditions of entrances to chutes and runs, how to get to sphincter-tightening areas with sketchy entrances, etc. For me, it was "keep those legs farther apart" and "stop crossing your body with your arms - hips, shoulders, and core straght down the fall-line". After a few days, this all finally sunk and and I really felt like I improved a lot. Greener, Collins, Gordy and Moles are not just amazing athletes - they are highly knowledgable professional athletes who have a LOT of information that will make anyone a better skier.

The instruction allowed me to ski better, but most importantly, it allowed me to ski more efficiently. That means using less energy, skiing longer and faster with less work.

After the first day, Jim Conway led us through an overview of an Avalanche I course, with pit analysis, beacon searches, and a tough written test. If you fail the test, he removes an inch of a pinky finger with a pair of bolt-cutters and makes you take it again until you pass. Some campers finished the test with only 4 or 5 fingers left.

With all that coaching and information floating around in our heads, it was nice to spend Sunday just blasting around Alta with Chris Collins. We got a little air, skied some fun areas I didn't even dare try to get into before, and just had a kickass time.

Will Wissman gave a slide show Sunday night that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Some of the photos you recognize from the photo annual, but most of it is stuff you've never seen: super-duper double-secret images of shit you have to see to believe. WOW.

Many, many thanks to Gordy, Jim, Brant, Chris, Rick, Will and all the other guests that attended. In all seriousness, this was one of the best experiences I have ever had skiing. I'm stoked to get back on the mountain and try out my new skills... after I rest for a few days!

If you're on the fence about going to these camps, then get off and do it. You will not regret it!!

Shawn Edmondson - Alta/Bird 2007

Had an amazing time. Summary: pimp condo, amazing coaches/guides, awesome crew, hilarious video review, great snow, great partying = one of the best trips I've been on.

Graham Lucas - Whistler 2007

The Camp was the best skiing experience of my life. The snow was amazing (11" at alta yesterday). The company was great.... it was great to be with people that share such a passion for snow. The Coaching was phenomenal Gordy and Brant are the best there is. They make you understand how to get better even if they have to tell you a thousand times. Thanks to all the other campers and a huge thanks to Gordy and Brant, You've changed the way I look at the sport.

Andrew Grewe - Alta/Bird 2009

The camp was good fun. Great bunch of guys. There's usually one person you can't stomach in any group of this size but I can honestly say all of 'em were stand up guys. I can tell that the camp has improved my skiing a whole bunch. Looking back at some videos I can see a lot of mistakes I'm making and my turn shape was more like a little curtsey than a proper full-blooded power turn.

If you get the chance to attend one of Gordy's Utah camps, go for it. There's no magic formula, just a bunch of common sense stuff that you may have either forgotten or never thought applied to you.

Andy Enright - Chamonix 2006

The camp was awesome. All of the drills (and simply trying to keep up) beat my body into submission. I can barely move today, but as I am walking I am thinking 'hands in front, apart, shoulders down the fall line and drive that downhill foot.' I carved some sweet turns walking my TPS reports to the xerox machine today. Gordy would be proud. This camp was the single best thing that has happened to my skiing in six years. The crew, the coaches, the video even with the prime wheel of destruction footage, avy training, etc. This camp was the best.

DJ Sapp Feb, 2006

I didn't really know what to expect going into the camp. I knew a lot of the things I was doing wrong...I just didn't know how wrong until I saw them on tape.

Gordy picked out everything I thought he would and just stayed on me to keep working on those things (Gordy, I'm gonna work on the feet...I swear). I intend to work on every damn thing you pointed out over the next 10-12 months, and when next year's camp rolls around, I want to be there getting everything pulled apart again.

Rick and his drills were amazing. It's amazing how a simple drill on a groomer can teach you so much about skiing variable/bumped/crappy conditions. Watching him ski and applying those same lessons only served to drive the point home (his recovery late Sunday was amazing and coincidentally perfectly timed following a drill we had done...and it was good to see someone of that caliber get knocked around a little bit, somehow made him look more human). Chris and Ben served up the stoke needed to keep us all going. Their encouragement, input, and advice were invaluable. Simply amazing to see them ski.

Most of all, thanks to all the other attendee's. So much fun to ski with such a supportive group. It's hard to put into words what it did for the experience having such passionate skiers to share the experience with.

Skiing Bear - Feb 2006

It was so worth every penny spent. Thanks a lot Gordy and all the coaches.

Raps - Alta/Bird 2006

Great Camp. Good people and lots of excellent instruction. Nothing like being picked apart by the best. Video analyst is a great way to see what you are doing wrong. The avalanche discussion was put on by Craig Gordon it was very good. The man is very passionate about what he does and it shows. It was very cool. The slide show by Brett Benson was amazing. Lots of really good photos.

Joe Tobias - Alta/Bird 2007

Camp was off the hook. Wayyyyy off. Puking snow much of the time. Gordy, Brant, Ben & Steve took us to the goods and made us work. Can't keep my hands anywhere but out front. The other campers were great to ski and get down with. The memories and new friends are the best. A great way to pick it up a notch or two or three.

TXViking - Jan 2008

Great camp and well worth it. Gordy assembled some great coaches for us and they complimented each other very well. Brant is super technical and was able to disect some bad things that I had been doing in my skiing for 18 years without realizing it. Chris had the freeskiing thing going... took us to some baby hits to build confidence and then helped us push it up a notch. Gordy was great coaching on the technical descents and really served as a great transition between the two.

Yeah, it was a bit chilly - - - but not that chilly! I only broke out my neck gaiter once. But then again, I'm from Jersey and we're core.

Great group of guys as well. Wish I would have been able to ski with everybody, but glad we mixed it up at the end.

Nate Isaak - Alta/Bird 2007

Gordy, Brant, Ben and Steve are all class acts and their enthusiasm and encouragement(tempered with spot on criticism) is infectious. My wife was already talking about when we could do another camp and what days to take off this week so she could go skiing. Thanks Gordy et al.

Pat Essig - Alta/Bird 2007

Unfortunately, many, many years of thinking I was a decent skier had brought about a slow degredation of my skills. My muscle memory, weakened by years of misplaced self confidence, had been replaced by habits both bad and lazy.

Enjoying the feedback and coaching that occurs in a learning environment, I also look forward to the evening video analysis that follows Friday and Saturday's day on snow. Being the narcissist that I am, I anxiously wait to see myself on tape. In a room with friends and what eight hours earlier were familiar names on the board, my Andy Warhol moment approaches. There I am, on the television skiing down a relatively steep chute that angles from right to left with a choke point about half way down; I swear I had thrown my skis sideways for a more than a third of the run, but it doesn't look that way on the tape.

Gordy says "Who is that?" and my head begins to swell with the praise that's about to heaped upon me. But then it happens, the rewind and the slow and inexorable frame-by-frame dissection of my run. We all have our moment in the sun. We all share in the laughs and the jeers and the moments of clarity. Is it over yet? My hell it takes a long time to ski a run frame-by-frame.

It was three days of great coaching, the camaraderie of friends and I can't wait to do it again.

Richard Lee - Alta/Bird 2007

What a great weekend. I really feel like I learned so much that I'm dying to go out and practice it some more while it's still fresh in my head. The days were long, especially in the not particularly easy snow conditions, but I guess that's really the stuff I need to work on more than anything.

The whole thing was a fantastic experience. Plus, Rick fixed my boot issues on Saturday night and yesterday was the best my feet have felt in forever. He was busy shell fitting and making adjustments and recommendations on peoples boots in the evenings, during lunch, whenever we had time, and he went and shaped some pads for my (and several others) boots and brought them to video analysis. All the coaches were excellent, but skiing with one who's a kick ass bootfitter too is a huge bonus.

Can't wait to work on implementing everything I learned! Huge thanks to Gordy and everyone involved for making it such a fantastic weekend.

Connie Misket - Alta/Bird 2006

So this is my endorsement for the camp. The coaching was phenomenal. Gordy, Rick, Chris, and Ben all were excellent and had pointers and things to work on that helped me immensely. Most of the time they were teaching me the same thing, but had a little different way of saying or teaching it that would add to what the other coaches had taught that would really drive the point home. I feel that I made more progress in my skiing in those three days that I have in the past several years.

I had a great time and want to thank Gordy and all the coaches for what they have done for me, and making me feel welcome!

Brent Szyslak - Alta/Bird 2006

Gordy runs a great camp. The coaches and setup were perfect. It didn't hurt that we had fresh every morning. We had a good balance between instruction and just going out and ripping up the mountain. It was great meeting everyone at the camp. I wish I had the opportunity to ski with everyone.

Matt Minnich - Alta/Bird 2008

Good times for sure. Now I'm walking around the office with my arms fully extended in front of me at all times. Gordy/Brant/Ben all rule.

Brian Barnock - Alta/Bird 2008

Man where the heck do I start?

Do I start with talking about how cool it was to hang with a bunch of like-minded peeps (coaches & campers ) that'll make skiing 3 days worth of cut-up-cruddy-crap snow, moguls, hardpack, and every variable snow condition in-between as much fun and stoke filled as a 2 foot cold smoke bluebird blower pow day?

Maybe I shouldn't start at all...maybe I should just end by saying that no matter what the heck your ability level or experience as a skier is, you'll benefit from this camp.

So spend the 3 days trying to match the lines of and stay on the ski tails of Ben Wheeler, Chris Collins, Rick Greener, and Gordy Peifer through every condition and terrain imaginable and you'll learn what it takes to become (and what it means to be) a better skier.

Spend the 3 days having your skiing style pulled apart, dissected, broken down into the this-is-why-this-works-for-you-here's and the this-is-why-you-should-be-doing-that-there's, and then reassembled into a tighter cleaner platform upon which you can take home and build yourself into a better skier.


Spend 3 days on getting more progressive feedback on your skiing that'll pay you dividends for the rest of your skiing life.

Just spend the 3'll be worth much much more than what it'll cost ya.

Thanks Gordy, Ben, Rick, and Chris. You guys helped me out a lot. Can't wait to see where your insights take me.

Tyrone Shoelaces - Feb 2006

Thanks again to Gordy, Brant, Ben and my co-campers for a great three days. I keep coming back year after not only for the honest and at times humbling feedback, but also to be around a bunch of other idiots who are as passionate about skiing as I am. Iíll have a couple pictures to post in a day or so Ė just couldnít seem to take the time to get the camera out Ė it was that good.

Chad Costello - Alta/Bird 2009

The camp was excellent. I know I improved a lot from the first time I went (2 years back), and still have lots to work on -- Gordy and Brant are great instructors. If anyone reading this is wondering whether they should go or not, the answer is simple: YES! Do it. Oh, and take my advice: bring spare goggles in case you get lucky and it dumps 3' of pow over the weekend of your camp too. I was fighting my foggles the whole time...

Karl Olsen - Alta/Bird 2009

The Straightline camp was awesome from beginning to end.

First a quick introduction at the top of the tram and, with 6" of dense snow pasting itself down, we split into two groups to chase some first tracks. Brant had a video camera out right away. The footy will probably be worth something, blackmail-wise, in the future.

The group who skied with Gordy in the morning skied with Brant in the afternoon and vise versa. The two have different coaching styles: Gordy subscribes to a big-picture, holistic methodology while Brant's critiques tend more towards specific nuances.

Brant's feedback was especially valuable- he told me about 50 times to tone down my tomahawk-throwing pole plants but it was the magic bullet of the way he phrased it the 51st time that resonated. Still, I think I had quiet hands maybe 10% of the time. I felt 100% awkward. Jesus, these guys are patient.

That night was the first time I've watched myself ski. Gordy and Brent donít hold back with criticism and everyone gets a turn in the hot seat. It's a very positive experience, but if you're bringing a lot of attitude or a closed mind to the table know that your ego's going to be taken down a few notches. A few cocktails (or a half-dozen Cokes?) may help take the edge off.

Day two it'd snowed another foot and continued to pound all day, though it was still dense PNW-flavor graupel, columns and needles. Instruction format was the same as the day before- skiing one at a time down medium-difficult lines, sometimes being filmed when the light allowed. Both Gordy and Brant gave lots of on-the-spot feedback throughout the day. By the end of the day I felt a few moments of grace skiing with a much quieter upper body.

Day 3 it went off. After a week hiatus from coffee I crushed an entire stovetop Bialetti espresso canister on the drive up the canyon. Between the 30" that had fallen over the past 48 hours and the +300mg of caffeine I was AMPED.

Skiing quiet hands, weight forward, feet spaced all began to click together, the snow was of the hero variety and coach Ben Wheeler guided us to stashes and mini-hucks. Ben knew about every third person in the lift lines, from groms to old timers. I took that as evidence both of his friendly personality and an intimate familiarity with the mountain. Both proved to be true.

We skied longer shots between regrouping, in part because the snow was too good to stop often and in part because Ben was happy to let us open it up.

That afternoon we continued to burn laps. Gordy schemed to find the least-touched stashes. An added bonus to the camp is that I'm now familiar with a handful of spots with tricky entrances protecting the goods that one doesn't find easily.

Sunday was the charging-est I've ever felt skiing cut pow and crud bumps- testament to the improvement in my form. I felt more change than I expected in such a short amount of time.

The changes in my skiing stance have begun to feel more natural and less rehearsed the last two days since the camp ended. I'm skiing faster and having to recover less.

Thanks Gordy for the awesome Straightline Camp!

Jim Harris - Alta/Bird 2009

Can't say enough good things about the camp - Great snow, spot on coaching, great company, ripping skiers.

Tony - Alta/Bird 2008

As all have said before, the camp was an awesome experience and it was great to meet a bunch of new and cool people that were all class acts. This came at a time in my life when I really needed to get away and not be able to think about anything else but skiing and hanging out. I continued Monday morning with an empty mountain at Alta under killer bluebird skies.

David Milliken - Alta/Bird 2008

The coaches forced us out of our comfort zone (technique) and had us concentrate on certain fundamentals. It would have been so easy to ski like normal, ignore the instructors, and feel great skiing with the old habits in the hero snow.

By the end of day two, I had the voices of Brant and Gordy running constantly in my head while skiing. I'll get to the point where much of what they had much working on will be ingrained and second-nature when I'm on skis. On Saturday afternoon on the last run, I was skiing something when I heard "Hey, Matt" penetrate through the air. I was thinking that Brant was hot on my tails and prepared to offer me some snippet of skiing sagacity. I tried to peak behind me. My head ever so subtly look backwards. My shoulders followed. Two tomahawks later, I came to a stop only to see Brant a couple hundred yards up the hill. Larry from Animal House had a devil and an angel on each shoulder when the girl passed out on him at the Delta house. I'll have Gordy and Brant on either shoulder imparting skiing wisdom whenever I'm on the mountain.

All in all, it was a great time on a great mountain with some great people. I can't recommend the camp enough. As a returning camper, I can say that my technical focus was different last week compared to last year. What I refined in the last year made other areas for improvement more evident.

There were so many highlights during the camp. I really enjoyed the 'warm up' run following lunch on Sunday. We were at the top of Collins lift and Gordy. Gordy started down a groomer. I happened to be in trail. Unexpectedly Str8line went into a tuck from nearly the very top. As I was thinking "Huh, what's he doing?," a grin came to my face as I went into a tuck myself. It was really fun to see Gordy open up the throttle.

Matt Tarka - Alta/Bird 2008

After my first Str8line Camp last year, I felt like I made some pretty big strides in my skiing by focusing on about 3 of probably a half dozen faults pointed out. Apparently I somewhat misapplied my hand position work, and a couple of the old problems were still around to a lesser degree. I can't say that I heard anything new the second time through, yet I still feel like this camp was just as worthwhile as the last.

First of all I had a better understanding going in of how certain faults lead to weaknesses in your skiing. If you are a decent athlete, you'll find a way to compensate for that error and achieve the end result you want, but that compensation may be technically incorrect as well. This leads to a chain reaction. Fixing fault #1 exposes the compensating movement. For me this led to a few hours of very shitty skiing for the last half of day 2 and the beginning of day 3. I experienced the same thing last year, it just happened day 1 instead of day 2. Once things started melding together a little better, the confidence started to grow and I felt like I made some significant strides on Sunday and after camp on Monday.

Second, just getting to meet some great people was well worth the trip. It's also great to watch some really strong skiers do their thang while trying to address some of the same things you need to.

I could go on but I'll just say I had a great weekend. If any of you have been sitting on the fence about attending, it's time to get out there!

Mike Flynn - Alta/Bird 2007

The camp is definitely worth it. Gordy does a great job of keeping it simple, yet those simple things make a huge difference. After skiing the 10in of fresh we got this morning I can already tell a huge difference in my skiing.

Pat Essig - Alta/Bird 2007

I've got alot to work on. This was the first instruction I've ever had, except my dad. Which was all before I can remember, so really I've never had anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, or right for that matter. I was probably the only one out of the group who was leaning way too far forward....perhaps some bad habit picked up by trying to force myself out of the back seat. Not to mention my hands were all out of wack. I'm on my way to recovery now, and much more balanced for it. I think the tip dive issues I've had in powder might be directly releated to my horrible, steezy stance.

My training in the past has been to pick some one out at the top of the hill and try to follow them...mimick them. I usually ski alone or with friends who are kind of mellow, so it is usually up to me to push things. This means I havent really gotten hurt, but also means I'm never really pushing and learing as fast as I can.

The video and comments from the coaches was invaluable. Seeing yourself on video really drives home what will make you stronger. Even though every coach was pretty much driving home the same point in a different manner, it was really better that way - maybe it was the same message, but delivered in 4 different persepectives.

The coaches comments were awesome, but having 5 other people in your group to give you advise, pointers, and drills also made a big difference - the coaches can't really watch you the whole run due to terrain and other campers.

Trying to follow gordy, chris, ben, or rick was quite humbling. something that I felt like I was ripping at 6 or 8 turns, was a mere 3 or 4 for them. It was out right amazing, especially skiing the same line just after them and realize the strength, planning, and speed of thought that goes into freeskiing.

I learned more in 3 days than a whole year - how can you put a price on that?!

Laramie Ski Bum - Feb 2006

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"I can't believe the difference the camp made in my skiing. The adrenaline was flowing all day long. These camps are awesome experiences and I fully recommend them to anyone who wants to gain more confidence in their skiing." - Brent